sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Preguntas frecuentes a las Au Pairs

Ciertas preguntas sorprenden. Es bueno tomarse un tiempo para responderlas, así que si a la familia le parece bien eso de mandarse emails para hacer y responder, mucho mejor.

- What do you do on weekends?
- Do you have a curfew?
- How is your relationship with your parents?
- What are you looking for in a host family?  What types of things do you hope to share?
- What are you expecting from this experience?  
- What are your strengths and weaknesses?
- Do you consider yourself a messy or neat person?
- What type of food would you prepare for the boys?
- As long as it's only 45 hours a week, are you flexible if the schedule needs to change for some reason?
- What scares you about coming to the U.S. for a year?
- What do you like to watch on TV?  What about movies? What kind of music do you listen to?
- Can you tell me what you typically eat on an average day?  And what types of food you have for special occasions with your family?
- Will you be bringing your laptop?
- Will you have a cell phone?
- Do you have an international driver's license?
- Dhat kinds of crafts will you do with the kids? Where do you come up with new ideas?
- What type of educational activities would you do with the boys?
- Do you drink alcohol/smoke?
- How do you manage stress?

En fin, se pueden esperar todo tipo de preguntas.