domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

Reglas para la Au Pair

Las reglas obviamente que varían según cada tipo de familia. Pero hay una serie de reglas que probablemente sean de tipo "universal". Acá una lista del tipo de reglas que se podrían esperar.
Es importante que durante el proceso anterior a la llegada a la casa de la familia una pida estas reglas para que la familia se sienta segura de que vas a respetar su hogar y su modo de vida.

- We would like you to be home at least 8 hours before you have to get up to take care of the kids (on days that you are home with them in the morning)
- On your days off, you are welcome to stay out- but we would feel better if you told us who you are going to be with, and how late- just because we are parents and do worry.
- As for guests, we want you to be able to have friends over, but only when one of us is also home.  And please no guests when you are watching the kids.  Also, if you have a boyfriend, we can discuss the visiting later, and make sure your parents are ok with it too.
- As for food, you are always welcome to eat all meals with us and snack on whatever food we buy.  If there is something specific that only you would be eating, then you would be responsible for that.  Also, if you have friends over, we would expect that they would not eat our food (unless we invite them over for a meal, of course). 
- When you are watching the kids, we would not want you on the phone or on the computer
- We would want you to do light housework related to the kids (fold their clothes, cleaning up their dishes after meals and stuff like that).

Here are some of the house rules for everyone:

- When we eat meals, everyone helps get ready and clean up afterwards. 
- The kids go to bed by X or X.
- We usually eat dinner at X or X on weekdays, and earlier on weekends.
- We don't throw out food.  The kids need to finish their meal, or save it for later.
- The house temperature is set at X degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and X degrees in the summer.
- We always have the alarm system on.
- We don't wear shoes in the house (unless they are only for indoors).
- Turn off all lights when you leave a room.
- Turn off appliances if you're not using them.
- Feel free to watch TV, but not when the kids are around.
- All of us eat only in the kitchen.
- You can use the home phone to make calls anywhere in the United States.
- You can take pictures of the kids at any time, but please never put them on Facebook.
- You will be able to use tha car if we need you to bring the boys somewhere.  We expect that you will also be able to drive to your classes if necessary, to your Au Pair meetings, and to do shopping, and stuff like that.  You would be responsible for gas if you are using it for personal reasons. 
- Always lock the door, and put the alarm on.
- We recycle, so make sure not to throw things in the garbage (like paper, glass, plastic, metal). 
- If listening to music or watching TV after the kids go to bed, please make sure they are not too loud.

Lo bueno de hablar sobre las reglas es que después no habrá sorpresas. Uno espera que los padres siempre sean flexibles en tanto lo que intentemos "negociar" sea razonable. Si hay algo específico sobre lo que te interesa recibir información, es mejor preguntar. Siempre.
¿Puedo usar la computadora? ¿Puedo usar el teléfono? ¿A qué hora se apagan las luces de la casa? ¿Puedo invitar amigos? Etc.